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$85b in federal budget cuts begin

Obama signed the order to start the sequester — a deep reduction in spending — which might also bring a cease-fire in the budget wars in Washington.

Avery Bradley (right) was saddled for much of the game with foul trouble, but Paul Pierce (left) and other teammates corralled Stephen Curry.

Celtics 94, Warriors 86

Celtics minimize Stephen Curry, beat Warriors

The Celtics won their second straight game carried by Paul Pierce, who scored 26 points and had eight rebounds.

Union can’t agree on Democratic candidate in Senate race

The state AFL -CIO failed to unite around a candidate, dealing a blow to US Representative Stephen F. Lynch, a former iron worker and union leader.

Federal authorities shut down Fung Wah

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shut down Fung Wah after the bus line blocked access to company safety records.

Emily Glass (left) and her husband Venkat Korvi would like to sell their condo and move into a bigger house but they can't find anything suitable. Home inventories are at an eight-year low and everyone is asking: Where are the sellers?

Michele McDonald for the Boston Globe

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Local housing market desperately seeking sellers

Home inventories are at an eight-year low and have prompted bidding wars and price inflation in some neighborhoods.

Tom Brady agreed to a three-year, $27 million contract extension that’s well under the market value for a marquee NFL quarterback.

NFL union does not take position on Brady’s contract

Many wondered what the NFL Players’ Association would say about Tom Brady’s contract extension, which could be seen as below market value.

Mike Napoli played his first spring training game for the Red Sox on Friday night.

A busy night for Mike Napoli

The new first baseman played four innings and was involved in eight plays. He also was 1 for 2 with an RBI single and scored a run.

In “Operation Epsilon,” World War II is nearing its end and 10 of Germany’s top nuclear scientists are being held as prisoners of war at a mansion in England.


Scientists talk among themselves in ‘Operation Epsilon’

MIT professor Alan Brody’s play is based on transcripts of bugged conversations between Germany’s top scientists while they were held at the close of World War II.


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Boston Celtics guard Terrence Williams.

Celtics agree to two-year deal with Terrence Williams

After previously signing Williams to a 10-day contract, the team chose to lock up the former lottery pick to an extended deal.

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//[1].jpg Ski season

Beginning in the 1930s, New England ski trails quickly expanded, and today skiing isn’t the quaint small business it once was.