Romney confirms mistakes in push for White House

Mitt Romney said his failure to win over minority voters did “real damage” to his White House campaign, and that “it kills me” not to be president.

Brody Dorion with his mother, Vanessa, at a Head Start in Boston. “It’s not day care,” Vanessa says. “The kids are in there learning.”

Cost of sequestration hits home in Boston

The Head Start program, which serves 2,500 children, is bracing for cuts that could leave 250 children and perhaps a center out in the cold.

A lieutenant tested a drone at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. Air Force General Mark Welsh was among those recently warning budget cuts will harm combat readiness.

Defense cut damage viewed as overblown

Analysts across the political spectrum say the US defense budget can and should be cut significantly — and that doing so will not harm national security.

// Mass. studying pros, cons of city vs. rural casinos

The state gambling commission has a number of decisions to make over the next 12 months, but perhaps none as fundamental as this: Rural or urban?

Mt. Washington’s wintry ferocity draws weather tourists

The famed Mount Washington Observatory offers extreme weather tourists the opportunity to experience deadly weather in relaxing comfort.

Chill seekers on Mount Washington

Winter vistors are eager to experience the extreme climate on the summit of Mount Washington.

// Boston humming as appeal of life in city booms

The century’s first decade has brought a historic surge of newcomers to Boston. They carry fresh expectations — and pose real challenges.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer put an end to telecommuting at her company.


Marissa Mayer is insulting our intelligence

Women need the tools, and respect, to make career choices for themselves. Corporate top-achievers, like the Yahoo CEO, are always the last to understand this.

Josh Hamilton

Sunday Baseball Notes

Was there a better way for Red Sox to spend?

After the deal with the Dodgers, the Red Sox spent the $60 million they saved on veteran complimentary players. Here’s another way they could have gone.

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//[1].jpg Ski season

Beginning in the 1930s, New England ski trails quickly expanded, and today skiing isn’t the quaint small business it once was.