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Dow trades at all-time high

The Dow Jones industrial average surged to a new record today, powered by positive news in China and Europe.

The Olympic rings will be headed to Sochi, Russia, next year. Could a trip to Boston be in the offing?

Group tries to bring Olympics to Boston in 2024

A private group wants to bring the Summer Games to the city, and Mayor Menino’s backing is the first goal in their quest.

//[1]-4204--90x90.jpg Missing Sugarloaf skier found in good condition

The Medford teenager built himself a snow cave during the two days he spent lost on the mountain and managed to walk out to safety.

Vatican still waiting for 5 cardinals for conclave

The Sistine Chapel closed to visitors in preparation for the conclave.

Technical Sergeant Matthew Kuebler during a rehearsal Monday.

Hanscom Air Force band to play final notes

Budget cuts ordered a year ago are breaking up the Band of Liberty, stationed at Hanscom Air Force Base, for good.

Army Staff Sergeant Greg Pizzute, with daughters Kayleigh, 4; Bella, 2; and Noelle, 11.

Kevin Cullen

In a war that few take note of, they soldier on

The war in Afghanistan has gone on for so long, and with so few Americans invested in it, that Greg Pizzute’s story needs to be told.

Bonnie Franklin, left, is seen with Mackenzie Phillips, top, and Valerie Bertinelli, who starred in “One Day at a Time” from 1975 to 1984.


Bonnie Franklin, reality mom

Thirty years ago, Franklin played the kind of mother not often seen on television today — a mother who dealt with big issues and was fully present in her daughters’ lives.

Dan Shaughnessy

Dan Shaughnessy’s random sports thoughts

The sports columnist offers his take on Jackie Bradley Jr., the potential for a Bruins-Canucks Stanley Cup, and whether it’s time to stop hating Lebron.

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//[1].jpg Ski season

Beginning in the 1930s, New England ski trails quickly expanded, and today skiing isn’t the quaint small business it once was.