Prospects limited for new gun control laws

There is a sense that advocates for stricter controls will have to settle for more modest gains than an assault weapons ban or sharp limits on magazine capacity.

Northeast Utilities won’t reveal chief’s full pay

Relying on a technicality, Northeast Utilities has not told shareholders or the public what top executives were paid for engineering a large merger with NStar.

Kayvan Khalatbari, who runs a dispensary, has branched out into medical marijuana business consulting.

BOB PEARSON for The Boston Globe

Medical marijuana businesses see opportunity in Mass.

As the state’s medical marijuana program begins, businesses are ready to capitalize on the expected “green rush.”

Coastal Mass. residents brace for stormy seas

The state girded for snow, rain, and winds, while the storm heading to the area knocked out power to 250,000 in the mid-Atlantic region.

Tech Lab

// Taking control of your phone, the hard way

And here you thought that the cellphone in your pocket belonged to you. Not quite.


Tech Lab: Jailbreaking mobile devices

Hiawatha Bray talks about jailbreaking your mobile device.

Former House speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi with his wife, Debbie, in Boston.

Imprisoned DiMasi weak with cancer, wife says

In federal prison for corruption, former House speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi, 68, has lost 50 pounds, has suffered bouts of pneumonia, and has a feeding tube attached to his stomach.

Sox starter Clay Buchholz is seeking a return to his 2010 form — a 17-7 record and 2.33 ERA.

Christopher L. Gasper

Clay Buchholz must produce wins for Red Sox

A lot of the weight of this redemptive season rides on the slender shoulders of Buch­holz.

No matter where he goes, Justin Bieber sports his drop-pants look: (from left) when meeting fans, performing, and on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.”

Justin Bieber, please stop wearing terrible drop-crotch pants

For the past year, Bieber has been trying to make drop-crotch, droopy-drawer pants catch on. But no one is buying what he’s selling.


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Maria Vargas, a senior at East Boston High School, said she avoids walking around late at night. Vargas tries to use the public transportation system, get a ride from a friend, or hail a cab.

Pedestrians on edge after East Boston robberies

Police have increased their presence and warned pedestrians to be vigilant after four robberies were reported over five days recently in the Maverick Square area.


Republican Representative Paul Ryan and President Obama are expected to meet soon.

GOP budget would keep Medicare cuts, tax increases

The GOP budget would preserve Medicare cuts that their presidential nominee loudly denounced last year and accept tax increases they sternly opposed just months ago.


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Stage Review

Above: Sarah Newhouse and Michael Ryan Buckley in Stoneham Theatre’s production of James McLindon’s “Distant Music.” Below: Thomas Rhett Kee as a disillusioned law professor.

A too-faint ‘Distant Music’ at Stoneham Theatre

Though the characters are supposed to be at life-defining crossroads, the Stoneham Theatre production of “Distant Music’’ lacks a sense of urgency.


Fairey, Karmaloop team on antigun design

At first glance, the latest Shepard Fairey T-shirt design with might be offensive to some, but it is meant to convey an anti-gun-violence message.

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//[1].jpg Ski season

Beginning in the 1930s, New England ski trails quickly expanded, and today skiing isn’t the quaint small business it once was.