Hospital charges bring a backlash

Patients, angered by surprise surcharges hospitals tack on bills for visits, are challenging these fees — sometimes even refusing to pay.

No fixed standards for gun permits in Mass.

Decisions about who can carry a concealed and loaded handgun vary widely within the state and from police chief to police chief.

Boston University's Jack Parker will announce his retirement after 40 seasons as head coach of the men’s hockey team.

BU’s Parker to step down Monday

Veteran coach Jack Parker will leave 40 seasons of success, but the men’s hockey program faced scrutiny last year after two players were accused of sexual assault.

Adrian Walker

A taxing time for many at UMass

A typical UMass Boston student, nowadays, is hard-working, busy, and saddled with ever-increasing debt, largely due to mounting tuition and fees.

Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley had a laugh on Sunday while leading Mass at the Santa Maria Della Vittoria in Rome.

Chris Helgren/Reuters

As papal selection nears, O’Malley’s name on many lips

Boston’s archbishop has emerged as a popular favorite, even as many still doubt the princes of the Roman Catholic Church are ready to name an American as pope.

// Visions of O’Malley as a ‘pope of the people’

Boston Catholics praised Sean P. O’Malley’s temperament, humility, prayerfulness, and the healing he brought to churches devastated by priests’ sexual abuse.

Nara Williams worked in the window seat of her tiny house on the campus of Hampshire College.

In a tiny house, large lessons about life

A Hampshire College senior is spending this semester in a 130-square-foot house to raise questions about ownership, consumption, and sustainable living.

New flight paths southwest of Boston are designed to be more efficient and save fuel, but they concentrate air traffic.

Noise worry holds up Logan flight path plans

A Logan flight path, currently spread out over 3 miles, will become much narrower under a proposed plan, and residents under it are worried about noise.

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