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On eve of papal conclave, cardinals hold final debate

With no clear front-runner or indication of how long voting will last, cardinals Monday offered wildly different assessments of what they’re looking for in a pope.

US seeks ‘serious’ action by China on hacking

The US response reflects growing concern over the security risk posed by cyber intrusions and the economic costs for American businesses.

Jack Parker announced his retirement on Monday.

Jack Parker makes retirement from BU official

The BU men’s hockey coach said after a 40-year tenure during which he won 3 national titles, “It’s a tough job. It takes a lot out of you.”

A woman holds a photo of Hugo Chavez as she waits in line to see his body in Caracas on Thursday.

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What Chavez meant to the poor

Neither Hugo Chavez’s excesses nor his death can disprove what he was right about: the need to grapple with the horrors of mass poverty.

A man poured a Double Gulp drink at a 7-11 on the Upper East Side of New York City on Monday.

Judge blocks N.Y. ban on large sugary drinks

A judge said the rule banning the drinks, which was scheduled to go into effect on Tuesday, was ‘‘arbitrary and capricious.”

Four ways to use exercise to boost your brain power

A new study finds that a short burst of exercise right before a mental challenge can significantly boost performance.

Opinion | Jennifer Graham

Milk’s enablers

The public continues to support dairy because of the perceived wholesomeness of its wares.


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David Ortiz left the clubhouse after meeting with trainers on Sunday.

As injury lingers, David Ortiz sees big picture

Still out with a foot injury from last summer, the Red Sox slugger said he hopes rest now turns into a productive “five or five and a half good months” later.

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Prevent weight gain by doing more housework

Researchers calculated that the decline in housework since 1965 has led to fewer calories burned: a difference of 2,518 calories per week or 360 calories a day.