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Red Sox 5, Twins 0

Sox shut out Minnesota

In the last of two split-squad games, Red Sox starter Felix Doubront limited the Twins to two hits in four innings.

Globe columnist James Carroll wins national award

James Carroll won the Scripps Howard National Journalism Award for Commentary for topics that included the Catholic Church and Mike Wallace.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney urges conservatives to stay the course

In his first public speech since losing the presidential election, Romney suggested the Republican Party can bounce back to “larger victories.”

Disgraced politician Weiner spends on polling

Former New York congressman Anthony Weiner, who resigned after a sexting scandal, has spent more than $100,000 this month on research and polling.

Isabel Pinto

Singer Ana Moura explores the possibilities of fado

Ana Moura, who visits the Berklee Performance Center on Saturday, is one of the latest singers to come out of the Lisbon taverns where fado’s essence resides.

US District Court Judge Denise J. Casper

Kevin Cullen

A new irony in the Bulger case

Beyond the symbolism of a black woman presiding over the trial of a guy who believes women and African-Americans should know their place, there’s a deeper symbolism at work.

The Celtics are piloting a program called “Parquet Pass,” which would provide digital ticketing for season ticket holders instead of paper tickets like the ones used now.

Exclusive Saturday Preview

Celtics, Red Sox move toward digital tickets

Paperless tickets may be easier for the fans, but it could benefit the teams even more in fostering loyalty to the franchise.


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The film centers on Vegas magicians played by (above, from left) Steve Buscemi, Steve Carell, and Olivia Wilde and their competition, a “street magician” played by Jim Carrey (below).

Only thing incredible about ‘Wonderstone’ is the hair

“Burt Wonderstone” is a lazy, underwritten imitation Will Ferrell movie — an “Anchorman” rip about a fatuous boob who gets humbled in time for the end credits.

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// St. Patrick’s Day parades

What began as an observation of the anniversary of Evacuation Day in 1901 morphed along the way into a celebration of Boston’s Irish traditions.