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Football players found guilty in Ohio rape case

Two members of a high school football team in Steubenville, Ohio, were found guilty of raping a drunk 16-year-old girl in a case that divided the city.

// Tax lobbyists help businesses reap windfalls

While Congress fights over ways to cut spending and the deficit, generous breaks for corporations pass with little notice.

Roberta Miller, who became an angel investor after a successful career as a consultant to public sector companies, worked with Janos Stone in Newton recently.

Angel investors flood the tech start-up scene

The ranks of angel investors in Boston are swelling fast as the tech economy goes deep into another boom cycle.

// Program to track immigrants grows, drawing scrutiny

Advocates for immigrants say the program has morphed into a profit-driven enterprise that subjects thousands to scrutiny usually reserved for serious criminals.

Storm pushed Boston snow removal to limit

A GPS analysis of the February blizzard response recounts the effort undertaken by 678 plows and diggers, and shows where mistakes were made.


Plowing Boston after the blizzard

A new, data-driven approach to an old problem.

// Right whales in the midst of a revival

North Atlantic right whales, once the focus of dire extinction talk, have rebounded in recent years, but the once-hunted animals now face new threats.

// From Rome, O’Malley emerges with a new aura

Cardinal Sean O’Malley’s unexpected emergence in the last month as a serious contender for the papacy has elevated his image.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy doesn’t always have the best lineups, yet he performs little miracles.

Sunday Baseball Notes

Ranking the major league managers

On the eve of another baseball season, the Globe’s Nick Cafardo ranks the 30 major league managers.

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On the tour of the Zotter Chocolate Factory, in Bergl, Austria, a girl watches “chocolate grand cru” being made.

Austria’s revolutionary chocolatier

A 90-minute tour of the bean-to-bar production process stretches into three hours of chocolate indulgence and discovery.

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// St. Patrick’s Day parades

What began as an observation of the anniversary of Evacuation Day in 1901 morphed along the way into a celebration of Boston’s Irish traditions.