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Mass. beats pre-recession job levels, data show

The state reported that employment reached 3.3 million jobs in February, 14,000 more than it had in April 2008.

Reid pushes for background checks

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he will include a requirement for expanded background checks in a gun control bill the Senate debates next month.

Obama in the Middle East

// Obama urges compromise for peace

President Obama reaffirmed US commitment to Israel’s defense, but stressed that Israel must make peace with the Palestinians to achieve lasting security.

House passes GOP budget plan promising deep cuts

The measure promises sharp cuts in safety-net programs for the poor and a clampdown on domestic agencies.

Friday preview | MOVIE REVIEW

‘Admission’ is a pleasant comedy

Tina Fey dials down the sitcom wackiness to play a Princeton admissions officer wooed by crunchy high school director Paul Rudd.

Harvard's Kenyatta Smith took a shot during practice in Salt Lake City on Wednesday.

Harvard vs. New Mexico, 9:50 p.m.

Giant NCAA task for Harvard

Facing third-seeded New Mexico in its opening game of the tournament, Harvard faces long odds to advance.

Participants in a two-day conference at Harvard aim to hash out the future of buying and selling via smartphones and other mobile devices. Pictured: Gary Flood, president of global products and services for MasterCard.

Not paying by smartphone? You soon will, many bet

Even though most consumers don’t use their smartphones to pay for anything, businesses hope to capitalize on the so-called mobile wallet.

A map of relic radiation from the Big Bang, composed of data gathered by the European Space Agency Planck satellite.

Universe is 80 million years older than previously thought

The findings bolster a key theory called inflation, which says the universe burst from subatomic size to its now-observable expanse in a fraction of a second.

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Book Review

Women worked on the uranium electromagnetic separation process at Oak Ridge, Tenn.

‘The Girls of Atomic City’ by Denise Kiernan

A 1940s-era photo of young women enriching uranium was what inspired Kiernan to tell the story of the women who helped to build the world’s first atomic bomb.

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// Video tips with Dina Rudick

Attend a session on photography and videography with the host of’s “Back Story” series.