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Senate race reopens old organized labor wounds

Lingering ill will over the AFL-CIO’s decision not to endorse in the US Senate Democratic primary has roiled the close-knit world of Mass. unions.

Dennis Seidenberg (left) celebrated after scoring the game-winning goal against the Ottawa Senators.

Bruins 2, Senators 1

Bruins achieve 11th straight win against Senators

Even a two-game losing streak can wither a veteran club’s confidence, but as the game progressed, the Bruins got stronger.


5-year-old suspended after bringing toy gun to class

The boy’s mother vows to fight the half-day suspension after her son showed a friend the toy he had brought to a Hopkinton kindergarten class.

Lackey keeps up comeback

The reclamation of John Lackey continued as he allowed one run over five innings against a Phillies lineup that included Jimmy Rollins, Michael Young, Carlos Ruiz, and Ben Revere.

Boston officials and representatives of three pavement material companies assembled on Bowdoin Avenue in Dorchester Thursday for a demonstration of products for fixing potholes.

City tests new weapons in fight against potholes

The innovative, eco-friendly pothole filling materials the city will test over the next six months could help repair the craters more quickly than ever.

From left: Selena Gomez as Faith, Ashley Benson as Brit, Rachel Korine as Cotty, and Vanessa Hudgens as Candy in Harmony Korine’s “Spring Breakers.”

Friday preview | Movie Review

‘Spring Breakers’ is mesmerizing

The film by director Harmony Korine is an outrageous provocation, shocking and exhilarating and tender in equal measure.

Mass. beats pre-recession job levels, data show

The state reported that employment reached 3.3 million jobs in February, 14,000 more than it had in April 2008.

Charles Woodson’s hit on Tom Brady in this 2002 playoff game prompted the use of the tuck rule that helped the Patriots propel their run to the Super Bowl.

Dan Shaughnessy

Was the Patriots dynasty built on a lie?

The bogus rule that the NFL finally eliminated on Wednesday was actually the trigger for the start of the Patriots’ run of three Super Bowls wins in four years.

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Obama in the Middle East

President Obama gestured during his speech at the Jerusalem Convention Center on Thursday.

Obama urges compromise for peace

President Obama reaffirmed US commitment to Israel’s defense, but stressed that Israel must make peace with the Palestinians to achieve lasting security.


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Book Review

Women worked on the uranium electromagnetic separation process at Oak Ridge, Tenn.

‘The Girls of Atomic City’ by Denise Kiernan

A 1940s-era photo of young women enriching uranium was what inspired Kiernan to tell the story of the women who helped to build the world’s first atomic bomb.

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