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High court turns focus to Defense of Marriage Act

On the second day of hearings on gay marriage, the Supreme Court is taking up a challenge to the 1996 law that prevents gay couples from collecting federal benefits.

// Mayor Menino widely backed, but another run isn’t

Most in a Globe poll approve of the mayor and of Boston’s course, but residents are split on Menino running again, citing his health and long tenure.

BC tells students to stop dispensing condoms

School officials said the student-run group is violating the university’s mission as a Catholic institution.

State ethics panel backs free legal help for judges

The decision potentially kills an investigation into Judge Raymond Dougan’s acceptance of more than $85,000 in free services.

Sarah Leveille, a member of the education staff, showed Shaun McGrath and other kids around at the Higgins Armory Museum. Higgins is closing at the end of the year and the Worcester Art Museum will receive its entire collection.


Founder’s kin fights to stop Higgins Armory’s closure

Clarinda “Rindy” Higgins, the granddaughter of the Higgins Armory Museum founder, is trying to keep the Worcester institution open.

Samantha Stendal made a video called “A Needed Response” after the Steubenville assault.


A short and sweet response to Steubenville

A 25-second video offers a simple idea for high school and college students in the wake of the Ohio assault.

// Boston-area house hunters face bidding battles

There are too many potential buyers and too few sellers, and that, in turn, is starting to drive up prices overall.

Florida Gulf Coast’s Dajuan Graf (left) and Bernard Thompson use their “Eagle Eyes” to view a pep rally crowd.

Dan Shaughnessy

FGCU is the nation’s hottest sports story

Friday night Florida Gulf Coast University will play for a shot to advance to the Elite Eight. Not bad for a school that didn’t exist 20 years ago.

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// A conversation with Jim Calhoun

Subscribers can attend an evening with Connecticut’s legendary former men’s basketball coach Jim Calhoun, moderated by Bob Ryan.