Spotlight report | Part 1

For Boston cabbies, a losing battle against the numbers

A nine-month Globe investigation finds a taxi trade where fleet owners get rich, drivers are frequently fleeced, and the city does little about it.

Driven to the Edge: A Globe Spotlight Team investigation

The cab industry in Boston is a world of common payoffs and driver exploitation.

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How does a cabbie make money?

The Globe obtained fare-by-fare data for one cab driver. It reveals a job filled with frustrating days and uncertain incomes.

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Waiting periods can be costly for workers

Many companies impose waiting periods to join 401(k) plans — and those delays can end up costing workers tens of thousands of dollars in retirement savings.

Doctors firing back at patients’ online critiques

The lawsuits target former patients, and sometimes their relatives, over negative ratings and reviews they have posted on the Internet.

“It isn’t politics with me. It’s me being his friend,” said Anthony Albano, a veteran foot soldier for Mayor Thomas Menino.


Who will inherit Menino’s political machine?

Mayor Menino has decided not to seek a sixth term and vowed not to try to anoint a successor. Can the machine survive?

A king of sorts: Like a character in “Game of Thrones,” Mayor Tom Menino has a talent for generating loyalty.


The kingdom of Menino

Mayor Menino won over Boston because he knew its people, and trusted them to follow him.

Kaiyun Lai accessed the Chinese social media website QQ at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center.

Chinese émigrés in the US flocking to ‘QQ’

China’s giant social media companies are gaining a foothold in US cities as thousands of immigrants transport the new technology to America.

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Globe Talk | April 3

// A conversation with Jim Calhoun

Subscribers can attend an evening with Connecticut’s legendary former men’s basketball coach Jim Calhoun, moderated by Bob Ryan.